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There are no tennis channels! - The channels are constantly decreasing, full of technical problems

1. Men's Tennis Tournament ATP 1000 Paris - There is no rule in the broadcasts !!!

2. Full of breaks and problems in channels that work in sports, low quality and bugs, temporary workers.

3. The situation would not have been worse

Many times can not log on to a site that you blocked in the Google browser
The Ace Player


The new software does not recognize me or my password

Спорт / channel Super Tennis HD - Every few seconds stuck
« : Март 15, 2017, 10:49:39 »
channel  Super Tennis HD - Every few seconds stuck   

Your technical department says the problem in the channel

Why you not have more Tennis Channel   ?
Why you not have channel Tournament men ?

Link you SAND IN  email  Makes the Firefox browser  Russian

How do I change the language?

you can add HD channels tennis ? Grand Slam Australia coming !

Can anyone fix EUROSPORT HD 2 ?

I try to watch tennis in - Digi Sport 1 / Digi Sport 2 / Super Tennis HD 

In recent days, you can not see anything
that every few minutes there is a stop of the video
bad quality

All the messages to you are worthless
No one is doing anything !!!

I can see the HD channels of football but not tennis !!!

You can barely see the SD channel  " C More Tennis  "
That there is no Bandwidth .

Do not understand why you are destroying the tennis broadcasts?

Болталка / You can not pay by credit card from Europe
« : Ноябрь 03, 2016, 20:46:49 »
You can not pay by credit card from  Europe to your site

I appeal for the 10 time to your site
You can not pay with visa or American Express  to your site

What's the problem open PAYPAL account?
60$  is not good for you ?

Why  no one answer me?

All your players in "chrome "
Broadcast HD looks terrible, sports broadcasts
Picture looks like 24 FPS
like SD  BUD

with " Avast SafeZone Browser " There also destroyed viewing
everything 1080P  50HZ  LOOK in sports  sports

Why are you destroying the site?

you  destroyed the Olympics for me  !

Thank you  for  NPAPI AceStream Plugin   Firefox  work  Great  !

but why do not have plug for browser Chrome and Opera ?

if Firefox stop Support, I lost


There is a fault on the site, all stations show a single image
Channels working but you can not select a channel by image

ace stream not work with Microsoft Edge IN WIN 10 what to do ?

there no active peers  all "ch " sports 



Looks great in 3D   with OLED tv  EC 9300/930/939
 :D :D :D

Many thanks for 3D

i try to Install ace stream   to win 10
i can't  Install  it



Congratulations on SKY SPORT 3 HD    ( with English )


work Fantastic


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